Volvo FH I-Save

The Ultimate Long Haul Truck...

Volvo FH equipped with I-Save offers the perfect solution for reducing fuel consumption during long-haul operations while ensuring excellent driveability. As you cover more distance, you'll enjoy increased savings, leading to a more profitable operation.

Reduced Fuel Consumption

The Volvo FH with I-Save is designed to significantly reduce fuel consumption throughout long haul journeys as the engine makes it possible to tackle hills and gradients in a higher gear - saving fuel.

Increased Productivity

The I-Save features a D13TC engine, which is Volvo's most fuel efficent engine ever, optimising fuel efficiency & performance.

Up to 10% Fuel Cost Reduction

With the integration of the D13TC engine, the Volvo FH with I-Save has the potential to cut your fuel costs by up to 10%.

Improved Driveability

The I-Save system enables driving at lower revs and higher gears for extended periods, resulting in a smoother and quieter driving experience.

Faster Torque Response

You can look forward to a quicker torque response from the powertrain, enhancing the overall driving performance.

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